Why Solar?

Most people know and have heard that solar saves you money on your electricity bill. Most people believe that solar isn’t worth it because of the large upfront cost. The truth is there is only an upfront cost if you choose to pay cash, which many of our customers don’t. Instead they prefer to finance their project with our great solar financing options. The proper way to look at the cost vs. value of the project would be to compare the Financing Payments with your current Electrical Payments.

 For example if you are paying the Electrical Company 400$ a month for electricity and your solar financing terms are locked at 200$/month for 25 years you will be effectively saving 200$ a month. That adds up, especially considering the ever increasing rates of California electricity providers. 

If we put the average price increase for Electrical Company Payments at a very conservative average of 5% per year that means that your 400$ bill will turn into a 651$ monthly bill in just 10 years. 510$ a month within 5 years. Because of this very reason many of our clients chose to go solar because being able to lock your payment in and avoid the increasing prices is something that is very valued. 


Fixed Affordable Payments

Clean Renewable Energy Source

No More Overpriced Unpredictable Bills

Now is the Best Time

Last Year For The 30% Federal Tax Credit

Electricity Rates Will Always Go Up

Never Too Soon To Start Saving

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