(Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

No Slope - No Problem

TPO is a very similar product to Silicone, however where silicone is a sprayed on coating, TPO is a rolled out material. TPO and Silicone both are applied to flat and low slope roofs. They are used for energy cost savings and long term protection for the roof. Cobex Roofing offers TPO services to both commercial and residential buildings. It is Heat Reflective and significantly more cost effective than a regular shingle roof. However it can only be applied to roofing with an extremely low slope or flat. 

Energy Efficiency
California Title 24
25 year

Key Features and Benefits of a TPO Roof

  • Highly reflective surface helps save energy costs.
  • ¬†Reduced Labor costs and material costs, allows us to pass the savings on to the customer.
  • Naturally Fungal Resistant
  • Long term Heat and UV resistant
  • Flexible, no need for any plasticizers¬† ¬†


GAF has been in business for 130 years. They are North Americas Largest roofing Manufacturers. Has been proven to have the best-performing TPO Membrane compared to other competitors.  That is why Cobex chose GAF for our TPO needs.