No Slope - No Problem

Silicone is often applied to very low slope roofs, and even flat roofs. Silicone is also available as a coating for metal roofs. The main benefit for getting a silicone roof is that it is heat reflective and will lower your energy costs over time.

Energy Efficiency
California Title 24
2- years

What are the Key Features and Benefits?

  • Prevents extreme temperature fluctuations that are experienced with black roofs.
  • Can Be Applied to many surfaces such as; Single-Ply membranes (TPO, EPDM, PVC), Metal, Concrete, Asphaltic and mod bit, Foam.
  • Up to 35% savings on cooling costs over the summer.
  •  Protects against puddled water. 
  • Can be Applied in Cold Weather.
  • Up to 20 Year Warranty