How Do You Know It's Time To Re-Roof?

Cobex Roofing’s largest service is definitely a full re-roof service. We focus on providing the highest quality, and energy efficient, lifetime roofing products for your home and commercial buildings. The industry average life cycle for a composite roofing system is 30 years (Cobex Roofing’s Composite Systems are 50 years). That life cycle assumes that the roof was installed correctly initially. These are some signs that your show that roof needs to be replaced soon. 

  • You Already Have a Leak
  • Extensive Dry Rot throughout your roofing system
  • Shingles are falling off, or chipping
  • Home insurance declines coverage of your current roof
  • Shingle Granules falling off the roof
  • Entire Shingles falling off the roof
  • Roof deflection and warping

Re-Roofing is a very large - yet precise project. There are many things that need to be accounted for throughout the course of the install. Wether it's the shingles getting installed in the right order - to the ice and water barrier being applied to the proper locations. All of these small details are of high importance and will determine the difference between a professional install and an amateurs job.

Get a Cobex Roofing In Home Consultation with one of our roofing specialists to go more in depth on your unique situation and possible solutions. They will also offer you pricing and finance terms in writing for you to look over.

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