Attic Refresh and Insulation

Why Should You Get An Attic Refresh?

Cobex Roofing offers an entire Attic Refresh. Most people get an attic refresh because they are either leaking insulation, or have feces and mold present in their attic. In an Attic Refresh Cobex Roofing will clean out the entire attic and clean out any feces or debris interfering with your energy efficiency and sanitary values. After cleaning out the old insulation and dirt, we seal the attic to prevent any further insulation leak and mold growth. After sealing the attic we blow in our Owens Corning insulation to the California R 38 energy efficiency standard.


Most older homes do not have the proper amount of insulation to maximize their home’s energy efficiency and comfort. The new California standard for Insulation is R 38 or 13.5 inches. Getting more insulation blown into your attic will ensure your home doesn’t fluctuate in temperatures and is at peak energy efficiency, saving you money. 

We use Owens Corning’s patented blow in fiber glass insulation for all of our insulation services.