About Cobex Roofing

Cobex Roofing is a Family Owned and Operated company that has the sole purpose to give our customers the best experience when it comes to all our roofing projects. Cobex Roofing is a sister company to Cobex Construction GroupCobex Roofing, just like Cobex Construction Group, operates with the Core Principles at the cornerstone of all of our work. We entered into the roofing industry due to a lack of honesty and quality and workmanship affecting the people around us. We are here to give you a hassle free experience for your next roofing related project.


- Integrity - Transparency - Commitment -

Our Definition of Success

Success is building a reputation of achieving above and beyond what is expected, building trust in a relationship between company and customer.  Success is always making progress. Success is not afraid of challenges and is always looking and planning for the roads ahead. Success is giving 10X more and always taking extreme ownership. Success is setting the standard for others to follow. Success is always learning and adapting from mistakes. Success is to be the best in our industry, be the best version of ourselves that we can be.